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  • Disco_Sport_Fan
    Member Since: 10 Jun 2015
    Location: Tunbridge Wells
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    United Kingdom 

    Retro fitting a heated steering wheel

    Is this possible?

    will it just need a new slip ring and heated wheel?

    DS HSE, Phoenix Orange, Meridian, Side steps, Privacy glass, winter tyres, USB everywhere.
    Gone 2013 MY HSE Auto FL2
    Gone 2010 Firenze Red XS TD4E FL2
    Gone 56 plate Tambora Flame SE FL2
  • J77
    Member Since: 11 Jun 2015
    Location: Fife
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    2015 Discovery Sport SD4 HSE Manual Loire Blue

    It's possible, not cheap, but possible.

    New wheel and slip ring. I think the heated wheel is plug and play, I don't think it needs activated in the CCF.

    Discovery Sport HSE SD4 manual, Loire Blue, Cirrus leather, privacy glass, heated steering wheel, front/rear mudflaps and rubber mats.

    Delivered 27/03/15
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